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A Cloud-Based
Full-Fledged EU VAT Compliance Solution

Millions of e-sellers struggle to meet the new ‘eCommerce Package Regulation’ in Europe. We seamlessly remove all regulatory and tax responsibility.

Our innovative platform eliminates the necessity for EU VAT registration, reporting and filing.

Takes over the responsibility and liability from e-sellers’ tax compliance, enabling seamless integration to any eCommerce platform.

Decreases the e-sellers dependence on external tax and compliance experts.

Contributes to e-sellers cash-flow based on a smart VAT mechanism which enables ZERO-VAT on importation.

Enables quick registration and immediate VAT setup in all EU member.

Cross Border e-Sellers' Statistics

Taxation & VAT system

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Cross-border business in the EU

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How does it work?

Quick onboarding

API connection to all eCommerce platforms

VAT rate calculation based on product type & EU member state

Real-time customer’s cart VAT calculation

Automated IOSS and OSS reports generation

Filing, reporting & payment 
of VAT per EU member state(s)


“We were looking for some solution that wouldn’t require us to open a company in Europe, which often takes about 4-12 weeks, and were so surprised as we realized we could simply ship with empact’s IOSS number! We were back in EU action within days”
Joyamo / Michal, COO

“We have decided to implement empact’s solution in our Amazon shop in Germany since it allows us to instantly meet all requirements for the new EU VAT rules without having to ever worry again for any tax-related matters at all”

Cutting Edge / Yoni, Co-Owner

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The last 100 places are still available to participate in our beta.

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