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Offer your customers the most leading VAT compliance Tax Tech SaaS platform that removes all VAT compliance responsibility & burden from eCommerce businesses in EU&UK!

Whether you are a SaaS company, Tax Advisor, Payment provider, Accounting firm, eCommerce platform or a logistics & supply chain, empact can complement your business and customers perfectly!

With empact you help your customers to build their business and remove the hassle from you to focus on your expertise!

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Empact strongly believes in establishing new partnerships with eCommerce platforms & service providers of all kinds to create a strong ecosystem to empower the sellers. If you provide valuable services to eCommerce sellers and cross-border merchants and have a stellar track record of service and performance, we’d love to get to know you, discuss a potential collaboration, and list you here as our partner.

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empact is your VAT partner for Europe

Empact is a complete Taxtech SaaS platform for EU VAT tax compliance that serves global eCommerce businesses. We provide online sellers with everything they need to remain compliant, keep selling products in Europe, and profit from our smart tax calculation and automation technology. We let you act like a local EU business from afar, so you can offer competitive pricing and win more business. Don’t waste time and money on new entities and bookkeeping in Europe. Just use empact, it’s instant and super easy.

eCommerce sellers from around the world trust empact with handling their EU VAT. Sign up for empact and we will take full responsibility over your tax compliance across Europe. We quickly integrate with any shop and marketplace, instantly provide you with all registration numbers and tax rates for your products and logistics, and automatically file your EU tax reporting and tax reruns. With empact, there’s no more stress – you can focus on growing your sales and improving your bottom line.

empact is a Netherlands-based technology platform and licensed EU representative, founded by veteran eCommerce, tax and supply chain entrepreneurs. We empower global businesses to continue selling in Europe, while we take care of tax. Our experts are available 24/7 to support you and answer any question.

Common questions

empact is a complete VAT compliance TaxTech SaaS platform that removes all VAT compliance responsibility and burden from global e-commerce businesses in Europe and the UK. empact empowers the sellers and enables them to focus on their sales and core business, thanks to our cloud-based system that seamlessly integrates with any platform and marketplace and provides real-time transparency.

As our partner, we would like you to be able to provide your clients with the most added value VAT compliance services. We know that generating clients is not easy, but not being able to provide them with the VAT solutions they require is even worse.  

 empact empowers the partner and gives you the chance to join our eCommerce ecosystem by our various partnerships options so you can offer your clients competitive pricing and win more business. 

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Spanish VAT Services is the leading provider of advisory serices in indirect taxation for small and medium-sized enterprises operatiing in the Spanish market.

The logistic-natives eV is an international logistics infrastructure network for modern commerce.
The association actively represents the economic and legal interests of over 30,000 companies. Its primary aim is to empower its members to benefit from increasingly digitalized business processes and to apply digital communications media in delivery workflows for digital commerce to optimize delivery, sustainability, life cycle management, circular logistics and returns management.

Ecommerce Europe is an association representing 150,000+ companies selling goods and/or services online to consumers in Europe. Ecommerce Europe acts at European level to help legislators create a better framework for online merchants, so that their sales can grow further.

AfterShip is a shipment tracking solution for eCommerce businesses. Aftership supports over 600 shipping services worldwide and provides users a dashboard to check the status of shipments across multiple carriers. In addition, AfterShip integrates with major e-commerce platforms.

Data Sync

The ultimate feature developed by empact to eliminate the enormous resources invested into creation of API integrations or its maintenance.

With empact’s Data Sync feature, there is no need for API integration any longer, which means that data can be received on our side seamlessly by only simple sales reports issued from any online shop or ERP system with no limitations.

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