The ‘Brexit Killer’

Removing all Brexit blockers for seamless EU-UK cross-border

UK-EU cross-border has never been easier, and the pre-Brexit days are here! Only in a better version.

Imagine that your orders are just being delivered to your clients seamlessly.

This simplicity works for any type of shipment sale orders, returns and your custom drawback is being taken care of, whether they’re being shipped from UK to EU or from EU to UK, it happens much quicker, cheaper, and easier than it was ever before, while all the VAT compliance issues are none of your concern, and you have full traceability over the entier process 24/7 through Empact’s innovative Cross-Border SaaS platfrom!

Sounds too easy?

Wondering how it is being done?

The revolutionary Brexit Killer has been built thanks to a perfect combination of innovative automated cross-border technology performing in a Merchant of Records (MOR) structure, 4PL, and last mile, led by the tier one leading operational service providers on both ends, EU & UK.

empact, PLX, and Royal Mail join forces to create the new Post-Brexit era which removes all legal & operational barriers, resuming the endless possibilities to accelerate your business.

empact - Your One Stop Shop for EU VAT

Acting as a MOR, based on granted license from the EU authorities enabling zero VAT on importation, smart innovative technology on both ends, EU & UK markets combined with a cutting-edge smart software which streamlines an end-to-end process, from checkout to delivery with full traceability.

4PL service provider offering the best operational solutions for the e-commerce industry. PLX operates a network of superior line-haul services to secure each day on-time infeed at the injection hubs of more than 30 carriers. PLX’s focus is firmly on refining and defining precision as we deliver transportation services. 

The leading on-ground parcel delivery partner for last mile deliveries withing the UK market.

Who is it for?

eCommerce businesses.

Traditional businesses with an absence of legal coverage within either EU/UK/both.

Supply chain service

How easy it is?

Data Sync

The ultimate feature developed by empact to eliminate the enormous resources invested into creation of API integrations or its maintenance.

With empact’s Data Sync feature, there is no need for API integration any longer, which means that data can be received on our side seamlessly by only simple sales reports issued from any online shop or ERP system with no limitations.

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